What do you know about New Zealand?

On the internet, distance doesn't matter -
skill, service, quality, performance & price become paramount.

Our Directors have travelled in many places in the world and when it came time to choose the best country in the world to bring up children and conduct business globally the best choice was the South Pacific Nation of New Zealand.

New Zealand is home to 4 million people , mostly English speaking European descent who enjoy a high standard of living, low levels of crime and a very high technology uptake. Over 1 million live in our city, Auckland (pronounced Ork-land). 
Auckland is a very hi-tech city with highly educated English speaking residents. It is similar to cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, San Diego and San Francisco.

While most web companies are trapped in glass towers in downtown offices we work from a hi-tech specially redesigned building on the outskirts of our largest city which we share with a fantastic view shown above!