Dave Blyth

Managing Director
Dave has worked as a designer and artist since 1979. He started in an advertising agency, but since the early 1980s has been mostly running his own businesses as a graphic designer and in marketing. Dave started designing websites in 1995 and is one of New Zealand’s most experienced website designers plus earns the title of a true internet guru. Dave has won many awards including New Zealand’s best Web designer in 1999 and runner up several times since.

Dallas Wearing

Office Manager
Dallas has a wealth of knowledge on office systems, accountancy and financial control.
Dallas also looks after the hundreds of domain names (like for our clients and will make geeky stuff seem easy to understand.

Gursharan Sandhu

Software Engineer
Gursharan is our senior programmer specialising in ASPX and ASP Microsoft database code design and website coding.
G is responsible for making sure all our systems are working , especially our PowerUpdates CMS (Content management system) and CarUpdater used car database system.

Michelle Blyth

Project Manager

Michelle is one of our web designers. Her job is to keep clients happy, make sure their websites are totally up to date and functioning to their best potential. She is in charge of organising and managing all website projects Webdesign undertake.

Ingrid Blyth

Director and Financial Controller
Ingrid is involved in the company with the day to day administration.

Web Chickies

Virtual Manager
Web Chickies is a fictional character to help with all Social Media enquiries. You will also see her at promotional events.
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