It allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily add a few or hundreds of used cars to a website
  • Run a single or multiple dealerships with one CarUpdater5 License (no extra cost per branch)
  • Export your cars to Autobase (Trademe) or Autotrader automatically
  • Produce a live / real time stock list for your dealership or group
  • Add/ edit/delete your cars to your website in real time
  • Add up to 20 images per car
  • Interface in real time with the NZ Land Transport fuel data system for star ratings*
  • Split your cars by GROUP - e.g. New / Used / Demos / Specials
  • Split you cars by BRAND e.g. Show Holden / Show HSVs / Show all
  • Use an advanced search option to search by price , Km or even colour

CarUpdater is an online used car system used by many of the world's top car manufacturers and top dealerships in New Zealand to add and display used and demonstrator cars online.

The system was designed and built by New Zealand's leading automotive website company, Webdesign, based in Auckland New Zealand.

The system is totally web based and uses an SQL database and Microsoft dot net (ASPX) technology. The system updates hundreds of websites daily and imports and exports thousands of cars to other car websites and systems such as Autobase, AutoTrader and Trade Me.

Click here to visit the CarUpdater site for more information >>

* Fuel star ratings are mandatory on NZ used car websites for every NZ new post 2000 car. Failure to add this data can lead to a fine of $5000 per car.